Sheng‘s Tech (Shandong)Ship Co., Ltd.

The company is positioned to develop into a domestic first-class boat manufacturer


Sheng‘s Tech (Shandong)Ship Co., Ltd. was established in 2023, mainly engaged in the development, production, sales, technical consulting, technical services, technology transfer of composite materials, metal materials and products, boat; Import and export of goods and technologies within the scope of registration.


The company is positioned to develop into a domestic  first-class boat manufacturer, and has cooperated with  well-known design units and ship construction units at home and abroad, and has promoted the development of various types of steel ocean-going tuna fishing boats and different sizes of fiberglass steel, aluminum alloy boats.


The company is committed to providing high-quality human resources, technical consulting, project management and other services for enterprises and large- scale projects, as well as providing excellent inspection and testing talents for the on-site quality inspection of various projects.


We take "integrity first, customer first" as the management  philosophy,  the company staff with mature business quality and ability, to provide customers with quality and satisfactory service as the goal.