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Breakthroughs in the core equipment of China's ship electric propulsion system

WUHAN, May 3 (Xinhua) (Reporter Tan Yuanbin) reporter learned on the 2nd from the CSIC 712, by the Institute of the "ship integrated electric propulsion system engineering technology research" project recently passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, marking China has independent intellectual property rights of the low-voltage, medium-voltage two series of marine propulsion inverter, propulsion motors, intelligent control modules and other core equipment of electric propulsion system supply capacity. The project marks that China has already possessed the ability to supply two series of low-voltage and medium-voltage marine propulsion inverters with independent intellectual property rights, propulsion motors, intelligent control modules and other core equipment of electric propulsion system. Among them, the core product propulsion inverter, propulsion motors, etc. to obtain the China Classification Society series of product form approval, filling the gaps in the field of domestic.

According to the project responsible person Li Bo introduction, the project related research results have been in the research vessel, dredger, lifting ship, wind power installation ship, cable ship, marine engineering ship, luxury cruise ship, official ship and other ship type more than 30 sets of real ship application.

According to reports, in order to further enhance China's ship and ocean engineering high-end equipment independent innovation capability, improve China's marine electric propulsion system technology level, at present, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry 712 is being carried out, including the full lithium battery electric power system, hydrogen fuel cell electric power system, such as zero-emission clean energy ship electric propulsion system technology research and product development.


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