Production characteristics of yachts

1. High design. Yachts such as fashion, handicrafts, especially luxury yachts is a symbol of consumer status, status, and therefore the design requirements are very high. Many yacht manufacturers hire world-famous yacht designers to design or buy the design of world-famous designers in order to improve the popularity and enhance the competitiveness. Italy has the world's outstanding yacht design connoisseurs who are committed to style and form of luxury. One of the reasons for the rapid development of Taiwan's yacht industry is that it spares no expense in hiring world-famous designers to design for it.

2. Materials, equipment and accessories are carefully selected. Yacht consumption in the sea, on the water, it is not only required to beautiful, comfortable, but also requires strong safety performance. Therefore, there are special requirements for hull materials, equipment and accessories for boat decoration. Such as hull materials should have enough rigidity and strength, not easy to deformation, damage, equipment requirements for the use of yacht-specific equipment. Interior materials and hardware and other items are much more advanced than those used on general ships. Timber more teak, hardware and outfitting parts using a large number of stainless steel products, gold-plated products and silver products and a variety of shockproof, anti-seawater corrosion of the glass.

3. The production of fine decoration. Yachts not only require beautiful design, high-grade internal equipment components, and the internal decoration is very careful, a lot of renovation work on the scene, mainly manual decoration, difficult, long cycle. Most of the foreign yacht manufacturers are quite high quality decoration workers, the vast majority of 40 to 50 years old, many are hereditary. A foreigner in order to explain to the Chinese yacht decoration workers on the high requirements of yacht decoration, to take them to a five-star hotel visit, and told to take every thing on the boat as a handicraft to do.

It is because of the yacht materials, equipment, accessories and other high quality, handmade with a large amount of labor, craftsmanship, complexity and other characteristics, making it expensive, high value-added, high profit products.

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