Domestic marine glass industry is also rapidly rising

In the past two years, the full launch of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Strategy, the Pearl River Delta Trumpet Coastal Economic Zone and the Deep Sea Economy Strategic Plan have all released favorable news to the yacht industry. As an urban co-linkage, yachting will become a new way of traveling in urban life and a pearl of carrier for new forms of business negotiation. With the continuous development of the yacht industry, the yacht accessories also continue to develop. Yacht glass as a yacht essential equipment, in the yacht's safety, beauty plays an important role.

With the booming development of the domestic shipbuilding industry, the domestic marine glass industry is also rapidly rising, especially in the yacht glass and other marine glass technology innovation and development, has gradually matured, its production level and scale has exceeded the shipbuilding power Japan.

Yacht glass for all aspects of the index requirements are very high, due to the yacht glass in the sea and rivers and lakes all year round traveling, seawater, sea breeze, sea spray, etc. for yachts have a certain degree of corrosiveness, long-term contact will be caused by erosion of the surface of the glass, the internal structure of the glass produced by the change, so as the yacht glass need to have strong acid and alkali resistance.

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