Yacht Basics

I. Introduction

Yacht, is a kind of high-level durable consumer goods for water recreation. It integrates the functions of sailing, sports, entertainment and leisure to meet the needs of individuals and families to enjoy life. In developed countries, yachts like cars are mostly privately owned, while in developing countries, yachts are mostly used as parks and tourist attractions for people to consume, and a small number of them are also used as means of port supervision and border control. Yacht is a recreational tool of this essential feature, so that it is different from the high-speed boat as a means of transportation and tourist boats. Yacht clubs emerged in the 18th century in the United Kingdom, the early days of the ship for the dignitaries in the ship enthusiasts to provide a boat mooring, repair, supply of small dock. With the development of industrial civilization, the scale of the dockyard has been expanding, and gradually evolved into a gathering place for the upper class. The original simple functions could no longer satisfy their growing needs for entertainment, socializing and business. Thus, a set of catering, entertainment, accommodation, business, boat mooring, maintenance, supply, driving training and other multi-functional in one of the yacht club prototype came into being. Yacht clubs flourished in the developed countries in the West after World War II.

Second, the types of yachts

1, according to the size of the classification: according to international standards, the specifications of the yacht is calculated in feet, from the size of the size is divided into three kinds: 36 feet below for small yachts, 36-60 feet for medium-sized yachts, more than 60 feet for large luxury yachts. There are small boats (below 6 meters), small yachts (between 6 and 10.5 meters), medium-sized yachts (between 10.5 and 18 meters), large yachts (more than 18 meters). Large luxury yachts in the scale of 35 to 40 meters, 41 to 44 meters, 45 to 49 meters, 50 to 54 meters and 55 to 60 meters five levels.

2, according to the origin of classification: Italy: the design reflects the romantic style, luxury, elegance on behalf of the trend of modern yachts. United States: reflecting personal taste, pay attention to self-personalized design. Britain: British yachts have a strong classical aristocratic flavor. Taiwan: Taiwan's yachts are more casual, more suitable for the majority of Chinese use, currently 70% of Hong Kong's yachts are produced in Taiwan, and Taiwan's brand in the United States sales situation is good. Others are French, in China and Hong Kong due to the number are relatively small, and not very high visibility. In addition to domestic yacht manufacturers, mostly some foreign-funded enterprises in China's production base, and are not currently on a certain scale, but also has not formed a brand, but from a long-term perspective, domestic yacht manufacturers will inevitably form their own brand.

3, according to the function of classification: leisure boat, business communication boat, racing boat, fishing boat, series of private boat, patrol boat, harbor supervision boat. Strictly speaking, the latter three and the nature of the yacht is contrary, but from the scale of construction, technology and yacht the same, some people also put them into the yacht category. Sports yachts, such yachts are small yachts can also be said to be speedboats, such yachts are generally designed to speed as a selling point, and the price is low, so in the young people in the middle of the very market.  Recreational yachts are mostly purchased by families for family vacations. Generally 30 feet to 45 feet or so of the yacht is the main, the design is also to take into account the convenience of family use, decoration is also to bake the family atmosphere as a selling point, the types of yachts on the market is also to this kind of main. Business yachts, these yachts are generally large-sized yachts, decorated with luxury, can also be said to be luxury yachts, generally used for large corporate groups, the bosses to buy most of them are used for business meetings, company parties, small PARTY.

4, according to the quality of division: there are high-grade luxury yachts, family-type luxury yachts, mid-range ordinary yachts and cheap yachts. High-grade luxury yachts, boat length of more than 35 meters, the boat is equipped with the most modern communication and navigation systems, cabins are equipped with high-grade materials such as teak, leather, gold-plated hardware, stainless steel handrails, high-grade carpets, high-grade furniture, modern electrical equipment, antiques, paintings, special lighting design and other facilities, from the inside out lining the atmosphere of luxury. This kind of yacht is not only for family members to enjoy, but also the ideal place for the owner to engage in business, deal with daily work and social activities, and at the same time, it is also the ace in the hole for the owner to show his financial strength to VIPs or rivals. The price of this luxury yacht ranges in millions of dollars, some up to tens of millions of dollars. Consumers are mainly aristocrats, giant businessmen. Family-type luxury yacht scale is generally more than 13.5 meters, it is a novel design, the selection of materials, structure and manufacturing process of high precision, the use of brand-name equipment and facilities, the arrangement of comfortable, the unit price of more than 300,000 U.S. dollars. Mid-range ordinary yacht scale is generally 9 to 13.5 meters, single boat price of 5 to 200,000 U.S. dollars, this yacht quality is moderate, the consumer market is broad. Cheap yacht scale in 9 meters below, single boat selling price of 50,000 U.S. dollars below, this yacht sales volume is the largest.

5, according to the type of power division: there is no power boat, sailboat, motor boat. Sailboats are divided into sailboats without auxiliary power and auxiliary power sailboats. Motor yacht is also divided into outboard engine boat, the boat loaded boat. Inboard motor boats can also be divided into small motorboats and luxury boats two grades.

6, according to the material division: there are wooden boats, fiberglass boats, Kevlar fiber reinforced composite material boats, aluminum boats and steel boats. At present, fiberglass boats accounted for the vast majority of the proportion of racing boats, sailboats, luxury boats using Kevlar reinforced materials more; aluminum boats in the outboard hangers and large luxury yachts accounted for a certain proportion of the yacht; steel boats in the 35 meters above the ocean-going large luxury yachts accounted for the proportion of the more.

7, according to the boat structure: there are small open boats, small motorboats, water skiing, half cabin shed yacht, liveaboard yacht, sailboat and personal use dinghy (also known as jet ski). Small open boat with a narrow deck, can take 1 to 6 people, with oars and oar forks, or with an outboard propulsion, the length of 1.8 meters to 5 meters. Small motorboats are also open, have a small foredeck, windshield, steering wheel, seats for 4 to 6 people, are powered by outboard hookups or water jet propulsion, and are between 3.7 and 7.3 meters long. Water-skiing boat is similar to a small motorboat, designed and equipped for water-skiing, with a sleek shape, thin bow, narrow hull, low dry side, and a length of 4.3 to 8.5 meters. Semi-cabin yacht, there is a rear open fixed small cabin, can be accommodated on board, outboard or inboard engine drive, length of 4.3 ~ 8.5 meters. Cabin yachts, with fully enclosed cabins, larger boats, according to the needs of the owner can be configured with a variety of grades of equipment and facilities, such as kitchens, bedding, bars, washrooms, powered by inboard engines, length of 5.5 meters or more. Sailboat, designed with sufficient area of sail equipment for propulsion, boat length 5.8 to 38 meters. Watercraft this personal use of the dinghy is divided into sitting and standing two kinds of buyers are mostly young people, production and sales are very large.

Third, the yacht facilities

Yacht facilities are generally based on the yacht owner's own needs and customized, especially small and medium-sized yachts, but more so, and usually said that the yacht's facilities are generally to the function of the yacht to design facilities. Yacht according to the type and function of the different, inside the supporting facilities are not the same, there are roughly the following categories: small and medium-sized yachts are generally set up the following functions: the lower level of the indoor space, there is a master suite, guest room, bathroom; the middle level of the living room, the driving barn and galley, the tailgate road deck platform; the upper level has a balcony and the driver's platform, in order to can be protected from the sun and rain, and generally set up a soft canopy; in terms of power and Technology, configured with engines, generators, radar, professional instrumentation, telephone communication equipment, air-conditioning equipment, household appliances, and even satellite navigation systems. From an overall view of the yacht is a blend of modern public defense and family leisure as one of the sea flow of apartments, it has the overall functional characteristics in the sea, can be used as a family leisure life on it, but also for friends or banquets friends and customers to use, which fully embodies the high quality of modern life and people's high taste and style. According to different functions, the facilities inside are also slightly different. Sports are generally equipped with high-power engines, and the facilities inside may be a little simpler, while the leisure yacht will pay more attention to the family flavor, such as: kitchen, guest rooms, karaoke equipment, electronic game room, extended fishing stern, etc. in order to meet the leisure of the family atmosphere. Large yachts decorated with very high-grade luxury, pay more attention to communication equipment, conference equipment, public defense equipment supporting the installation, fully reflecting the needs of modern corporate defense.

Fourth, the price of the yacht

Yacht prices from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars, large luxury yacht prices are generally tens of millions of dollars, medium-sized yachts in the two million or more, small yachts from hundreds of thousands to two million, with the size of the yacht, inside the degree of luxury degree of increase in the decoration, the price also grows. Different yacht origin price difference, generally speaking, Taiwan-produced yacht is the United States produced yacht price of 2/3, is half of Italy, the British yacht price is higher.

Fifth, the conditions of consumption of yachts

Yacht consumption is conditional. First of all, there should be high income, which is the economic foundation of yacht consumption. Yacht price is expensive, is a luxury. To consume yachts, not only can afford to buy, but also require a place to store yachts at home, a yacht trailer, a car to pull a yacht trailer to and from home and the waterfront, or can afford to pay the rent and maintenance costs of the marina to store the yacht. Second is the abundance of water resources, which is the natural foundation for yacht consumption. Yacht is a water recreation products, a long coastline, many rivers and lakes for its consumption of space. The United States and Canada developed yacht industry, one of the main reasons for yacht consumption market is that they have the east of the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Pacific Ocean, inland lakes, many of the natural geographic conditions. From several lakes around the Changzhou area in China has more than 20 yacht factory this fact can also be derived from this revelation. Again is a hobby of water sports and recreational traditions and customs.

Six, the characteristics of yacht production

1. Superior design. Yachts such as fashion, handicrafts, especially luxury yachts is a symbol of consumer status, status, and therefore the design requirements are very high. Many yacht manufacturers hire world-famous yacht designers to design or buy world-famous designers' designs in order to improve visibility and enhance competitiveness. Italy has the world's first-class yacht design connoisseurs who are dedicated to style and form of luxury. One of the reasons for the rapid development of Taiwan's yacht industry is that it spares no expense in hiring world-famous designers to design for it.

2. Materials, equipment and accessories are chosen carefully. Yacht consumption in the sea, on the water, it is not only required to beautiful, comfortable, but also requires strong safety performance. Therefore, there are special requirements for hull materials, equipment and accessories for boat decoration. Such as hull materials should have sufficient rigidity and strength, not easy to deformation, damage, equipment requirements for the use of yacht-specific equipment. Interior materials and hardware and other items are much more advanced than those used on general ships. Timber more teak, hardware and outfitting parts using a large number of stainless steel products, gold-plated products and silver products and a variety of shockproof, anti-seawater corrosion of the glass.

3. The production of fine decoration. Yachts not only require beautiful design, high-grade internal equipment components, and the internal decoration is very careful, a lot of renovation work on the scene, mainly manual decoration, difficult, long cycle. Most of the foreign yacht manufacturers are quite high quality decoration workers, the vast majority of 40 to 50 years old, many are hereditary. A foreigner in order to explain to the Chinese yacht decoration workers on the high requirements of yacht decoration, to take them to a five-star hotel visit, and told to take every thing on the boat as a handicraft to do. It is because of the yacht materials, equipment, accessories and other high quality, handmade with a large amount of labor, craftsmanship, complexity and other characteristics, making it expensive, high value-added, high profit products.

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